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Organizational Chart

  • Board of Directors
  • Chief Executive Officer
    • Channel Business Headquarters
    • Channel Promotion Team
      Channel Business Team
    • WM Business Division
    • Seoul WM Center
      Bundang WM Center
      Gwangju WM Center
      Sales Department
      Daebang-dong Branch
      Yeongdeungpo Branch
      WeWork Frontier Branch
      Daegu Branch
      Pohang Branch
      Pohangbuk Branch
      Ulsan Branch
      Bujeon Branch
      Haeundae Branch
      Jeonju Branch
      Gwangjubuk Branch
      Daejeon Branch
      Cheonan Branch
    • Champions Lounge Finance Center
      PB Center 1
      PB Center 2
      PB Center 3
      WM Center
    • Digital Finance Office
      Digital Business Team
      Digital Marketing Team
    • Derivatives Solution Office
      Derivatives Solution Team 1
      Derivatives Solution Team 2
      Derivatives Solution Team 3
    • Institutional Business Team
      OTC Derivatives Team
    • Fixed Income Division
    • Fixed Income Trading & Solution Team
      Fixed Income Business Team
      Investment Financing Team
      Fixed income Currency Commodity Team
    • Investment Management Office
      PI Team
    • Client Asset Management Office
      Financial solution & trust asset management team
      Financial solution & wrap account management team
      Multi-Financial Team
    • Financial Products Office
      Financial Products and Solutions Team
      Financial Products Sourcing & Development Team
      Champions Trust Management Team
      Champions Wrap Account Management Team
    • Research Center
    • Global Macro Team
      Strategic Industry Research Team
      Alternative Investment Research Team
      KOSDAQ Venture Research Team
    • New Growth Strategic Investment Office
      Global Future Strategy Team
      Venture Capital Team
    • Management Support Division
    • Human Resources Team
      Human Resource Development Team
      Finance & Accounting Team
      General Affairs Team
      Operation Team
    • Strategic Planning Office
      Management & Talent Strategy Team
      Digital Transformation Strategy Team
      Brand Strategy Team
    • Risk Management Office
      Risk Management Team
      Risk Assessment Team
    • IT Division
    • Service Development Team
      Investment Information System Team
      Trading Support Team
      Business Management Team
      IT Planning Team
    • Compliance Office
      Compliance Team
    • Financial Consumer Protection Office
      Financial Consumer Protection Team
    • Auditor
    • Auditing Team
    • IB Headquarters
    • IB Planning Team
    • ECM Office
      ECM Team
    • Capital Market Office
      Coverage Team
      Investment Finance Team
    • IPO Office
      IPO Team
    • Project Finance Office 1
      Structured Product Team
      Alternative Investment Team
      Real Estate Finance Team
    • Project Finance Office 2
      Project Finance Team
    • Real Estate Development Office
      Real Estate Development Team
    • Strategic Finance Office
      Strategic Finance Team